Horror Vacui

Layered beauty until you can't breathe

The “Horror Vacui” exhibition, dedicated to contemporary aesthetics, crafts and tradition, will be organised within the Expo (in)between, powered by Raiffeisen Bank, an event that is part of Romanian Creative Week, along with important festivals such as Romanian Fashion Week, Architecture, Moldova Film Festival, Musicalling, VegFest, and Visual Arts.
“Horror Vacui” will also stand as a preview of the inauguration of the Braunstein Palace in Iași since the exhibition will be on display here. This impressive heritage building has been recently renovated and modernized by the Iași City Municipality by means of an EU-funded project and it will be soon open for all creative industries as well.

Horror Vacui is an exhibition of the creativ industries about contemporary aesthethics, heritage wisdom, craft techniques and the ethics of these worlds coming together.

The exhibitors are: