Radu Abraham

Radu Abraham is a product designer interested in a multitude of materials, from wood or metal to glass or plastic, often mixing them in his creations. He has been directly involved in the crafting process of his works. He has always been willing to learn as much as possible about materials’ properties, their treatment, their possibilities/limitations. Therefore, he developed a working style in which the creative and design process moves from the idea to the blueprint and then straight to prototyping. He avoids 3D modeling or any computer-based process in his creations. Gradually, this peculiarity of his working style has connected his designs to sculpture to which Radu has become increasingly attracted lately. He has been strongly captivated by form, a strong focus of his explorations, thus the function of his objects often becoming of lesser importance. We may refer to a form of functional sculpture or sculptural design, still in development, but which is gradually taking shape in the designer/artist’s work.