Andrei Cosmin Vladimir

Born in Bârlad, Vaslui county, on 11 May 1998.
Ever since childhood, I have practised weaving, a craft that I learnt from my maternal grandmother and aunt. Until my grandmother passed away, I worked on the loom along with her. Then I began to weave on my own, starting with the simplest fabrics (carpets, towels) and gradually mastering this craft.
For 4 years I have lived in Arbore village, Suceava county, and I opened a workshop/shop across the Luca Arbore UNESCO heritage church where I sell traditional folk costumes and household textiles. Lately I have focused on weaving Bucovina-style homespun skirts, probably the most complex type of peasant cloth. They are woven according to traditional patterns but using modern fibres (acrylic, silk, lamé and lurex, to mention a few).