Triangle Art Farm

At the Art Farm, we are developing a project called Triangle. Architecture. Sculpture. Agriculture, a series of housing developments, modular art galleries, conferences, workshops, and concert halls, consistent with our view of cultural and human ecology. We hope to offer to the area a place for people, arts and crafts, full of training experiences that turn more and more necessary in contemporary life.
The Art Farm is divided into two different areas in Liteni village. The first is a redesigned and adapted household from Bucovina serving as a dwelling for artists and residents, as a space for studios, exhibitions, and cultural events.
The second implies a three-hectare plot of land on which an art estate will be built, comprising artist’s studios/dwellings for residents, exhibition and cultural events spaces, a museum dedicated to the work of sculptors Victoria and Marian Zidaru. The development of infrastructure in this second space favors the opportunity of interdisciplinary artistic encounters among architects and visual artists. The mix between the two occupations engenders a specific approach to the matter, i.e., “sculpture-architecture”, both functional and meaningful, archaic as far as techniques are concerned, and contemporary by means of the artists’ critical filter. This path may provide solutions to the present concerns in architecture and fine arts and in the field of traditional Romanian crafts.

Project team: Alexandra Mihailciuc, Alexandra Culescu, Andrei Tache with Marian Zidaru, Victoria Zidaru and Dan Sandu. Partners: Zidaru Studio, the Romanian Order of Architects – North-east branch, Designers, Thinkers, Makers Association, Moara Townhall.