Victoria Zidaru

She graduated from the Sculpture department of the Nicolae Grigorescu Fine Arts Institute in Bucharest in 1983, tutored by Professor Paul Vasilescu. In 1984 she earned the creation scholarship granted by the Romanian Visual Artists’ Union. From the very beginning, she has been interested in capturing states of mind, spiritual universes in archetypal forms.
She made her debut at the Art’s Home Gallery in 1991 with the exhibition named The Body – a temple of the Holy Spirit”, an exhibition in which she attempted to create her first installations with bronze and fabric. She continues to have individual exhibitions in which traditional sculpture material is gradually replaced by textile and vegetable ones. Since 2016 she has organized individual exhibitions in which to create a single theme but multilayered and meaningful installation. The ultimate outcome contaminates all five senses and the plants’ scent is the innovative element that separates the tangible object from the virtual one. This practice of including scent into works has gained importance in the European arts environment as Olfactive Sculpture.
She works in her personal studio in Bucharest within the Arts and Crafts Centre but also in her personal studio from the residential center built in the Bucovina region, in the village of Liteni, Moara, Suceava. She also performs curatorial and cultural management activities by means of the cultural Association Art Farm.