Raluca Buzura

My interest in jewelry partially originates in the lack of visibility of this art form. Jewelry may be an artifact, provided with artistic meaning, a concept, and a message.
I prefer ceramic materials, maybe since they shift from one state to another: once the material took a certain shape, it cannot return to its original state. I like mixing the apparently fragile ceramic material with the strength of iron or the warmth of woven fabrics, only to superpose this form to various creative experiments which represent the most vivid side of my works.
Jewelry crafting is the translation of personal feelings into porcelain, during this process I attempt to wipe out my traces, by streamlining to the boundaries of reality and abstraction, in a whirlpool of colors and lines with traces of gold. I truly believe that the outcome of these feelings may turn into my legacy, the evidence of my existence in society. It could improve it or at least make it more beautiful by bridging the gap between audience and art, by displaying a variety of forms and ideas which may differentiate them from jewelry industrial manufacturing.