Atelier Parter

Atelier Parter Pottery offers hard- to-trace and -photograph objects. Their mysterious textures, from paper to cold metal or sea rock, seem to be made only of unglazed clay.
Yet, multiple layers of glaze and ash are there, hardly distinguishable on the fine artifacts.
The main line of products is made of black clay on which new enamels are tried out constantly but with only a slight variation. Apparently, the series of slip-cast objects, of equal size and radius, could be mistaken for outcomes of a repetitive manufacturing process. But on a closer look, there are barely visible enamel differences or spatula traces that slightly alter curves without changing the whole. By examining the pieces, an informed eye may see abstract landscapes, the improbable look of rust or the encounter with some green moss or a night cloud. Is this a voluntary or an accidental effect? Is it the microcosm within the macrocosm or just a difference of the craft’s whimsical nature? The boundaries are yet blurred.
Atelier Parter crafts apparently simple but sense awakening objects.