Stefan Neacsu

“This collection of artworks comprises two simultaneous approaches. Firstly, a strictly aesthetic interest, a search for a personal graphical language which I could use to express sculpturally the topics I imagine. Therefore the main focus is the sculpture as such, as tangible spatial presence, as an object and as a work of art. Secondly, my works aim to reflect a concept in tune either with my own opinions about the world or present personal concerns. Both perspectives share my need to create emotion, surprise or wonder in the eyes of the audience as well as the triggering of a certain kind of irony or sarcasm. The latter serves both as a source of authenticity of my message and as an antidote to the pathetic admiration of canonical beauty or common sense. As a result, I believe that I have unintentionally chosen a contemporary form of address for my works, although the materials chosen remind of conventional sculpture. Both works share the blending of sculpture and ready-made.”