In context Slanic moldova

20 artists from Brazil, India, Island, and Romania have created a series of works, events, and interventions meant to lead to the collective seeking of solutions and ideas to preserve animal and plant life on earth in the context of the accelerated ecological collapse because of continuous exploitation of limited natural resources.
By using local materials, various artistic practices from sculpture, photography, installations to performance, monumental and interactive art, artists have explored concepts related to the impact of man and the neoliberal economic model on earth’s ecosystems, means of reconnection with nature, with the energy of organic matter (salt, stone, wood), along with art’s potential to collectively revive spaces and communities.
In Context brought together 60 Romanian and international musicians who performed concerts and workshops in 9 unusual locations, such as Florin Piersic Hall in Târgu Ocna Salt mine (240 meters underground), Slanic Moldova Catholic Church, the woods near Slanic Moldova mineral springs, and the spa’s Central Park.