Ana Alexe

Units of time. Spring 2021.
This series of studies on cloth follows countless related experiments in the field of tailored cloth for and on the body. This turns my workshop into a place where you may see and acquire clothes and related products, focusing on the symbolic meaning of cloth. My 18 years’ experience with clothes and people highlights the idea of time as clothes’ predator but also the connection and loss of one’s clothes/body in our natural path from soul to spirit. Fashion relies on painful dichotomies such as masculine-feminine, old-new, life-death, and they cannot be unrooted into togetherness. However, they have prompted me to re-consider fabric abstractly while attempting to name it: “chiton” is an uncut item of clothing with which you could wrap around you if you lack the time to read through something; “peplos” is clothing played on a violin which holds your face and caresses your forehead. “Maforion” and “Himation” are meant for better days when you stroll through the woods and lie on the silky ground without worrying about Ebola or your immunity.
To a certain extent I invite you to an exhibition of pieces of cloth, collages made from tweed and handkerchiefs, out of which you may tailor yourself a housecoat or an idea on how to unstitch coherence in our daily lives.