Sâniziene began in 2018 with Beatrice who wanted to craft breasted vases to improve awareness and donations for the COMMA center – the first and only support center for sexual violence survivors in Romania.
Sâniziene has become a special project for Beatrice who made the artifacts herself for a couple of years. Gradually the team expanded to becoming a form of art for the general well-being. The project developed and in 2020 we are 6 “sâniziene” in Cluj and Bucharest (soon to be 8 this year).
COMMA Association is divided into two branches: the support center for sexual violence survivors and sex and relationship education.
Using donations that they received, the COMMA association offers free and anonymous support to Romanian women by means of support groups, individual therapy, and a supportive friend. The survivors may be helped any time after experiencing sexual violence, be it a month, a year, or a decade.