Claudiu Ciobanu

Claudiu Ciobanu belongs to the young generation of artists from Iași, rejuvenating and offering new meanings to contemporary painting. Born on 8th June in Bârlad, the artist holds both a BA and an MA degree from the Faculty of Visual Arts and Design within the “George Enescu” National University of Arts in Iași. He has participated in various national and European exhibitions and has received several awards in Romanian Art Salons.

“Expressions” is an art project created during the past year, a year that for many of us has meant an emotional readjustment towards our own Self and the world. He explores beyond social limitations and by means of portraits, Claudiu Ciobanu speaks about simplicity through stylizing. Compressed by having unnecessary details removed, the portraits of this series offer to the viewer the opportunity to imagine a feeling, be aware of or re-live it, according to each person’s background of feelings, ideas, desires and experiences.

Set against an often-neutral grey background, which darkens or lightens according to the state being expressed, the feminine characters are built out of light, the pink skin tone changing in the full light of an absent sun or by the pearly glitter of water. The artist infuses his works with one of his signature leitmotivs, “water”, under the form of droplets or summer rain, a pretext for sketching a state or an atmosphere which cathartically relieves tension. (Dr. Maria Bilațevschi, art critic)