Octavia Chiru

The “Octavia Chiru” brand was founded in 2019 from the desire to merge sustainability with wearable art.
The garments are composed in classic lines to which are added deconstructed details, woven accents and knitted items.
Sustainability holds an important place, most clothing items being made from biodegradable fabrics such as wool, cotton and flax. The working method used to make the outfits is eco-friendly, so they are woven at the weaving loom or knitted with the knitting needles.
“The wearable art” is born of the excessive desire to be “in trend”. Even if we do not need a certain item of clothing, we only buy it because it is fashionable, so when the clothing object loses trend or is no longer wanted by the wearer, we throw it away. Thus, for this problem Octavia Chiru proposes multifunctional garments that can be used even after the trend is dead, this time as decorative household objects. The skirt turns into a wall tapestry, the cape into a lampshade or even into a carpet and the list can go on.
A fusion of textile structures, nuances and shapes.