/lu:ne/ = the phonetic transcription for the latin word “lunae”, which is translated to “moons”

LU:NE was founded in 2019 in Bucharest and belongs to the young designers, graduates of the Bucharest National University of Arts, Eli Vanghelici and Raluca Gheorghe. The whole story began not only with the fascination of the two for sparkle, elegance and femininity, but also from the fact that the designers complement each other through contrasting personalities: one is rational and pragmatic, and the other is dreamy and exuberant. Like them, LU:NE is a combination of simple lines and opulent textures that reflect the identity of the brand - extravagant, glamorous and bold. At the same time, one of the LU:NE beliefs is that the garments are not seasonal, but rather they are collectible pieces that will withstand the passage of time.

At the end of 2019, LU:NE launched the first capsule collection, after which new pieces are added month by month. Each element is designed in such a way to enhance the feminine silhouette and taking inspiration from iconic shapes in history, when everything was opulent, bright and distinguished. Pieces such as the Middle Ages corset or the classic suit are ennobled by a wide range of bold colours, as well as by the dramatic accessorizing with ostrich feathers, crystals or sequins.

Although the brand has been active since November 2019, garments from the first LU:NE capsule collection have appeared in publications such as: Cosmopolitan, Feroce Magazine, MODIC, Unica, Glamour.