Having its roots in Transylvania, ANDRAHANADRICstudio is an international brand, established in 2015 and focused on high-end avant-garde fashion design.
“Black Clothes White Souls” embodies the nucleus around which the brand develops its values, focusing on the inner particularities of individuals, freedom of self expression through a whimsical universe of shapes and textures.
The ANDRAHANDARICstudio aesthetic is defined by clean, geometric cuts, organic textures, experimental processes, with a focus on versatility and sustainability. The collections take inspiration from monastic clothing, aiming to emphasise the spiritual value that exists in a stark environment. The concept is based on the dichotomy of physical covering and spiritual disclosure, as a challenge to inner contemplation. The cloth is a shelter, a protective layer under which mystery regains value through countless ways of interaction with the wearer. Until now, the brand has been showcasing during Paris Fashion Week, Romanian Design Week, Skopje Design Weekend, Fashionclash Maastricht, Feeric Fashion Week.

Andra has completed a BA in Fashion Design at the University of Westminster London/IED Barcelona as a result of winning the CREACTÍVATEcompetition. Her previous studies at the University of Art and Design Cluj Napoca and Ecole Supérieure d’Art et Design Saint-Etienne France have aroused her interest in exploring the boundaries between art and fashion.
After graduating, she became an apprentice in Gareth Pugh’s studio in London, where she assisted the designer for his F/W 14 collection.
Her graduate collection, -ARGAT, questioning cultural identity in the context of globalization and having strong influences from Romanian folklore, became a finalist in the ModaFad T_Project Awards competition and it was presented at the 080 Barcelona Fashion Week.
After returning to her homeland, Andra launched her own brand with a ready-to-wear collection - “ISIHIA-Manifesto for the spirit” performance at Feeric Fashion Week, in Sibiu.
Currently she is running the brand, managing the creative direction, designing, but also working on personal or collaborative projects which involve installation, costume design, stage design and performance.