What used to be, in the first 12 editions, the Debut Section (named by the fashion press – the place where most of today’s well known designers lauched their career) is morphing into INNOVATIVE FUTURE PLAFORM.
The main goal for this project is that of answering questions related to what the future of the fashion industry could look like, in Romania, with an openness towards the international context. The curation was made by the coordinator of Innovative Future Platform Lucian Broscățean, together with the creative consultant Ioana Ciolacu.
This year there will be a selection of creatives who already have in their CVs consistent participations at professional events, for which they were either winners or nominees for various awards. Within the selection, alongside fashion designers, there are object designers or stage designers, performance artists, architects who create accessories, and so on. Creative projects with a strong visual identity (which was crucial in the curatorial selection) will be presented in individual or group collections.
Aesthetically they will be guided by two main directions/zones generated by the concepts - responsibility and innovation - with all the aspects that they presuppose. Networks will be made with factories, producers, artisans and other professional events and fashion weeks. The best collections will be awarded by specialists from the creative industry. The costs for the show will be covered by FEPIC and by RCW partners.
Through this project our aim is that of supporting creative paths and that of building a healthy future for the fashion industry in Romania, while encouraging local production and inviting experts, from various fields, to mentor the participating creatives.
For the next edition, in 2022, there will be a Call for Projects, starting in October 2021. All the details will be announced on the official site.