The NFT virtual necklace launched for the first time in Romania and given to Nadia Comaneci, listed on the OpenSea platform on the anniversary of the 45 years since her first “Perfect 10”

The first NFT homage necklace for a great athlete of the world, launched in premiere in Iași, Romania, and given to Nadia Comaneci, will be auctioned on the platform, on July 18, 2021. It is the day that marks the anniversary of the 45 years since Nadia got the first score of 10 in the history of world gymnastics, at the Montreal Summer Olympics.

The unique virtual necklace, created by four Romanian creatives - designer Irina Schrotter, architect Vlad Țenu, visual artist Andrei Cozlac and IT specialist Andrei Dănilă – is made of ten pieces.

A symbol of that “Perfect 10” with which Nadia Comaneci took by surprise even the score board in the Olympics of 1976, so much that it couldn’t show the score of 10.

Each piece of this authentic jewel, impossible to copy, the originality being guaranteed by the new NFT certification, takes the three-dimensional shape of the movements on the balance beam, on the uneven bars, on the floor, on the vault, with which “The Goddess of Montreal” conquered the jury and the public of the 45 years ago Olympics.

The ten movements, transformed into the elements of the NFT necklace, some named "Comaneci", were chosen by the great athlete herself together with the four Romanian creatives who realised the virtual necklace.

The unique gift offered to Nadia Comaneci is also a gift for the fans of the great gymnast and for the colectors of NFT’s. The four Romanian creatives also made six replicas of the NFT necklace. This six replicas, together with the jewel given to Nadia, symbolizes that string of seven "Perfect Ten" scores that the gymnast obtained at the Summer Olympics almost half of century ago.

How the auction will be conducted

If the first NFT-homage necklace given to Nadia Comăneci will remain in the "Goddess of Montreal" collection, the six replicas of the virtual jewelry will be put up for auction on the platform, on July 18, 2021. On the anniversary of the 45 years since the first "10 Perfect", on the marketplace will be listed the first ten different elements of the NFT necklace, chosen from the six replicas of the unique virtual jewelry.

The starting price of the auction, for a piece of the necklace, is 10 Ethereum, the cryptocurrency used for such virtual transactions. Once one of the ten pieces put up for auction for the first time on July 18 will be sold, a new item from the six replicas of the homage necklace will be listed on the platform. In this way, NFT enthusiasts will have the opportunity to complete their collection, until they can have a virtual necklace like the one owned by Nadia Comăneci.

World premiere from Romania

The first NFT homage necklace for a great athlete of the world was launched, for the first time in the world, in Iași, on June 3, 2021, during Romanian Creative Week, the most important event dedicated to the Romanian creative industries.

At the last month's event, held in the capital of Moldova, Nadia Comăneci was present through an emotional video message, which she sent to the creators of the NFT necklace and her fans:

„Greetings from far away, from Oklahoma. With the regret that I am not in Iași, together with the four creative artists of Romanian Creative Week, Irina, Vlad and the two Andrei, I am glad to see that my performances from 45 years ago still inspire the young generation.
I liked the idea of a new pioneer action, this time at the crossroads between sports performance and technology. July 18 marks the 45th anniversary of the first historical score of 10, obtained at the uneven bars. And the virtual necklace, "The Perfect Ten", with the story around it, is proof that excellence is possible. I look forward to the release of these NFTs on the OpenSea platform and to celebrate a new success story together. I send you hugs.”

The video message sent by Nadia Comăneci and additional information about the world premiere marked in Iași with the launch of the virtual jewelry can be found here:

About the four authors::

Irina Schrotter

The Irina Schrotter brand was launched more than 30 years ago, in Iasi, Romania. Elegant evening dresses and business outfits were an instant hit with women. Today, the brand is sold on 4 continents, in 17 countries.

In addition to her own business, Irina has always focused on promoting and supporting young creatives and artists. In 1999, Irina Schrotter organized the first edition of Romanian Fashion Week in Iași, which became, in the following years, the most important event dedicated to the Romanian fashion. The festival had, in the following years, 12 successful editions. After a more than a decade intermission, the Romanian Fashion Week took, in 2021, a big step towards creativity, becoming Romanian Creative Week, the most important event dedicated to the Romanian creative industries.

Vlad Țenu

Vlad Țenu is a Romanian architect based in London. He studied architecture in Iasi, Lisbon and London at Bartlett, where he has been awarded a MSc. in Adaptive Architecture & Computation in 2009 and a Certificate in Advanced Architectural Research in 2010. He currently works at Allford Hall Monaghan Morris and he teaches at the Bartlett as a dissertation technical tutor on the Architectural Computation course.

From art installations to modular sculptures and wearable art pieces, his experimental works include Minimal Complexity, the winner of the TEX-FAB Repeat competition 2010 and an AIA Houston Design Award in 2012. He has exhibited in London, Houston, Bucharest, Paris, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Shenzhen. His most ambitious work in the field of clothing design was a dress made of 25,000 Swarovski crystals, in collaboration with designer Lana Dumitru. The creation, launched in Hong Kong in 2018, won the BIG SEE Wearable Art Award (Ljubljana, 2018) and was worn on stage by Björk as part of her Utopia Tour 2018.

Andrei Dănilă

Connected with the digital world since 2000, at the begining of web design and web development, Andrei is always hungry to learn and to be there where people don't yet get it. It's the place where you have a lot of work to do but if it works out you get the great satisfaction of working with other innovators.

Live streaming, bbiometrics and now NFTs represent the path of technology innovation and also the path of his businesses. International entrepreneur in IT and IT related fields, Andrei is always looking for the next big challenge.

Andrei Cozlac

Andrei Cozlac is a video artist, university lecturer PhD at "George Enescu University" in Iasi, Faculty of Visual Arts, and Associate Professor at the Faculty of Arts in Romanian, Târgu Mureș. He started his VJ activity in 2005 and worked with big music festivals in Romania and abroad.

Andrei signed the video design of some plays directed by famous directors, such as Silviu Purcărete, Radu Afrim, Alexandru Dabija, Charles Muller, Theodor Cristian Popescu. In 2017, he received the video mapping in theater award at the National Comedy Festival, and in 2020 the special U.N.I.T.E.R award for video mapping in theater.

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