Ovidiu Mureșanu

Ovidiu Mureșanu is a digital gentleman, one of the first online content creators in the Romanian men’s lifestyle area. Passionate traveller and fashion aficionado, Ovidiu possesses a well-defined personal style, a regular presence in the best dressed men in Romania charts. As a matter of fact, these two passions led to the launch of his blog, The Stories of O., more than 7 years ago. Ovidiu has proved ever since that he manages to adapt easily to different media, shifting from blogging to Facebook and Instagram and then TikTok (where he has brought together a very strong community) or to Clubhouse, the killer app of the moment, where he has been a speaker in many social-media-themed rooms.

In fact, his solid experience and the ease with which he has been reinventing himself have recommended him as a speaker in conferences such as VisualFest, Digital Divas, SocialPedia or No mad Talks, to mention only the ones from the current year. Ovidiu loves sharing with his fandom his recipe for building a personal brand and a highly distinctive style which facilitated his cooperation with international fashion or beauty brands.

Last but not least, Ovidiu is also an entrepreneur. He owns a brand of clothing, The Stories of O., and he has launched capsule collections with important Romanian fashion designers such as Ioana Ciolacu or Skin Deep, but also with TikTok. At the end of 2020, they launched a unique and highly successful line under the hashtag #OKTikTok, for the first time in Europe.