Ioana Grama approached the blogging universe in 2013, being one of the first online personalities to set the trend of social media influencers in Romania.

She started blogging just for fun but also because she wanted to inspire the people around her with her clothing style and her hobbies. Yet, over time it turned into a job done with passion. BIZ magazine has included Ioana’s blog, Rise & Shine, in the top-30 chart of the most influent fashion blogs in Romania

. In 2015 she won the first prizes in the BEST FASHION BLOG and the BEST INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT categories within the Digital Divas event and in 2017 she received PEOPLE’S CHOICE, Digital Divas’ award of excellence.

In the following two years, Ioana was honoured with two more awards dedicated to the Romanian fashion community i.e., Best Lifestyle Influencer, ELLE New Media Awards 2018 and the first prize of the Fashion category, ELLE New Media Awards 2019.

Ioana is a content creator, entrepreneur and aesthete and her style may be defined as simple and genuine, qualities that are also reflected in her posts from social media. Ioana’s motto is “Impressing people by being myself” and she puts it into practice every day, thus reaching her organically built fandom of over 360,000 people.