Carmen Grebenisan

Carmen Grebenisan is a blogger and a super fresh content creator with a strong community, followed for her fashion, beauty and lifestyle advice, opinions and recommendations. She distinguishes herself with her personal style and her translucent way of exposing her thoughts and opinions about what she lives, experiences and what she enjoys.

Carmen does not follow the rules (stylistically speaking), she always manages to stand out and be playful and authentic with her style. She has collaborated with many well-known international fashion brands, such as Tommy Hilfiger, Levi’s, Lee Cooper, H&M etc, becoming an important source of inspiration in this field. Besides fashion collaborations, Carmen had been nominated in numerous social events that promote fashion style and online influence: Digital Divas, Elle New Media, Elle Style Awards etc. Also, Carmen is the co-founder of the remarkable swimwear brand INFSD, which is the first Romanian premium swimwear brand that focuses on high quality printed swimwear, featuring fashion forward designs and prints that are specially crafted to flatter your body lines.

Because of her passion for this world that’s all about styling, fashion, textures and colors and making all kinds of combinations, Carmen decided to contour even more her knowledge and joined a summer class at Istituto Marangoni (University of Fashion, design and arts in London).