Ana Morodan

Ana Morodan, celebrity, entrepreneur and digital countess, is one of the first public personas who have built an online personal brand, turning it into an image booster for her businesses.

The countess is among the very few “Internet famous” people who managed to turn from a digital celebrity into a television personality. Morodan, brave and unprejudiced, has built a reputation of always having an eccentric and different point of view.

For her audience and the online entrepreneurs, she proposes an atypical inspirational model yet perfectly in line with her personal brand values: glamour and “too much”, matched clarity of business vision and confidence in a loyal and exceptional team of professionals.

Unique in the national celebrity and business areas, Ana – trained in the legal profession and destined for fashion and entertainment – has always seen beyond social media and business trends and has proposed topics, ideas and a business vision different from current norms.

From the first online “office-like” reality-show, the MOffice, to the first annual party dedicated to a single personal brand MAP, to the “self-proclaimed aristocracy” concept, the CERC socratic spaces, the personal lifestyle boutique or the “outrageous breakup” fashion lines, the concepts of business, personal image and content which she has brought on the market reveal an outstanding range of inspirational vision and remarkable audacity.

During the last five years, Ana has been presented with the most prestigious awards of the fashion, lifestyle and content creators’ community, such as Digital Diva of the Year, Best Personal Style @Elle Style Awards, Best Personal Brand by Revista Unica and the first Honorary Award for Romanian blogging @Digital Divas.