Alina Ceușan

Alina Ceușan is a top content creator, entrepreneur and one of the most relevant online personalities in fashion and beauty.

Having a community of almost 1 million followers on Instagram, over 300,000 fans on Facebook, more than 130,000 subscribers on YouTube, Alina Ceușan has quickly become an inspiration in the online area in Romania, cooperating with national and international brands and becoming a true icon due to her outstanding sense of style, the diversity of the created content and her creativity.

Apart from the capsule collections she launched with Romanian brands, Alina created “INFSD” together with Carmen Grebenișan, a bathing suit brand designed for strong and atypical personalities, worn by Romanian artists and influencers and by women all over the world. Last year, Alina Ceușan launched RetroFuture, a fashion brand and a designer multi-market, a platform which brings together Romanian designers and brands along with original items displayed under the RF brand name, suitable for daring, self-confident, limitless women.

“Retro vibes for future babes” is the statement that defines the RetroFuture brand and the promise that Alina has made to the women who choose to step into the spotlight.

Alina is one of the most highly appreciated and prizewinning content creators, year after year various magazines and brands having presented her with awards such as Best Fashion Blog at ELLE Style Awards, Best Fashion Blog at ELLE Blogging Awards, Best Lifestyle Influencer on Social Media at ELLE Blogging Awards, People’s Choice Awards at Digital Divas, Digital Diva of the Year, to mention only a few.