Valeria Stoica is an indie artist born in the Republic of Moldova. She started playing guitar when she was 8 years old, when her father signed her up for music school. She discovered her voice when she was 16, when she recorded her first music cover of a Damien Rice song on YouTube.

After the success during the “Moldova’s Got Talent” TV show, Valeria Stoice started her music career with the song “Remember” launched in 2017. Not long after, she released follow up songs "Distanțe", "Poate", "Just a boy", "Get Back", "Empty Air" and “Gravity".

In 2020, Valeria released her debut album “I Don’t Like Roses” and early 2021 brought her the nomination for Album of The Year at IMPALA, while “Empty Air” is popular in countries such as Italy, Japan, UK, Ireland and Scandinavia.

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