Misha Miller

A charismatic appearance, Misha Miller presents an incredible mix of a powerful voice with mesmerizing features. Misha was singing since she was only a child, with her unique presence helping her stand out from the very beginning.

During the TIMC 2017 music camp, she met Billboard charting producer & DJ Manuel Riva, who was fascinated by the singer’s amazing voice. The duo started an ongoing collaboration, debuting the single “Sacred Touch” shortly after. The release became a success, amassing millions of views on Youtube and getting praise from the music critics. “Sacred Touch” brought Misha in the attention of other producers and DJ’s, with a string of important collaborations following soon afterwards with artists such as naBBoo (“Feel You”), DJ Sava (“Wild Fire”), Mark Azekko (“Insane”) and Alex Parker (“Fix Your Heart”). “Fix Your Heart” received positive reviews from famous music bloggers in various territories, while also peaking inside the Top 10 on Virgin Radio Romania. Misha teamed up once again with Manuel Riva on “What Mama Said”. Released in 2019, the track represents the duo’s most successful collaboration to date, peaking at #19 inside the Billboard Dance Club charts in the US, while also charting inside the Top 50 Airplay and the Top 10 Shazam in Italy.

Her latest release, “Smoke Me”, a collaboration with the acclaimed DJ and producer Sasha Lopez, currently sits inside the Top 10 Shazam Charts in Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey, generating over 1 million views and 100 000 streams in just a month.