Special Screening

La Flor

directed by: Mariano Llinas
year: 2018
country: Argentina
GENre: comedy, drama
film run: 808 MINUTEs

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Story line: "La Flor" robs the cinema in six episodes. Each episode corresponds to a cinematographic genre. The first is a B-series, as the Americans used to do. The second is a musical melodrama with a hint of mystery. The third is a spy movie. The fourth is an abyss of cinema. The fifth revisits an old French film. The sixth speaks of captive women in the 19th century. All forms "La Flor". These six episodes, these six genres have one thing in common: their four actresses. From one episode to another, "La Flor" changes radically the universe, and each actress moves from one world to another, from one fiction to another, from one job to another, as in a masked ball. It is the actresses who advance the story, it is they too that as and when the film reveals. At the end of the story, at the end of the film, all these images will eventually draw up their four portraits.

“So by all means “go with the flow” of La Flor, binge-watch it like a TV series. But be ready for its special pleasures of progressive dissolution and paroxysm.” - Adrian Martin, MUBI Notebook

Location: Amfiteatrul Palas