The New Solitude

As much as we would like to end the chapter of the last year, it would be (un)reasonable to (not) try to understand what happened at the individual level. Not all of us were prepared for the absurdity of this loneliness, born by force, which gave rise to all sorts of doubts about us, and also about the recipient of our actions. We didn't know how much we needed each other. We do not yet know whether distance and lack of social interaction have led to intimacy or alienation. How do we respond to this complex mechanics, which speaks of coexistence, in the same reality, fragmented in autonomous fields?

Through The New Solitude we aim to analyze this network of new loneliness through art and technology. The guest artists, SAINT MACHINE (Incremental God and I, Human) and Adrian Ganea (The bloodless shades shed tears), will create two artistic experiments, centered around the concept of symbiosis, as a mutually beneficial coexistence. The works generated will be synthetic proposals, which will result from direct interactions with viewers. In both cases, the public will become both the author and the user.