Examining Distances

No Data Plan

directed by: Miko Revereza
year: 2019
country: SUA
film run: 70 MINUTES

Story line: Living in the United States illegally for over 20 years, Miko Revereza takes the Amtrak train from Los Angeles to New York in this critical moment of hostility against migrants in the country he has come to know as home. The journey seems daring, perhaps reckless, yet urgent and necessary.

„Water-stained windows, liminal blue topographies - No Data Plan is a meditation on the scratched, tainted surface and its legibilities and occlusions.” - Ritika Biswas, Filmatique

Us Against Us

directed by: Andra Tarara
year: 2020
country: Romania
film run: 74 MINUTES

Story line: The director and her father take a camera in hand and film each other during interviews in which they discuss schizophrenia, their own pasts, and their personal conceptions of happiness. The film is a personal statement of two people affected by or marked by a mental disorder - a father forced to live with it and a daughter who had to grow up with a sick and often absent father. During filming, they try to find understanding for each other while revealing their inner traumas.


directed by: Dan Salitt
year: 2020
country: SUA
GENre: drama
film run: 94 MINUTES

Story line: Over the course of a decade, a young woman becomes increasingly dysfunctional due to undiagnosed mental illness, or perhaps to drugs, while her more stable friend sometimes tries to help, sometimes backs away to preserve herself.

„The very subject of “Fourteen” is seizing the day—and attempting to define what that exhortation means.” - Richard Brody, The New Yorker

Location: Amfiteatrul Palas