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A Portuguesa

directed by: Rita Azevedo Gomes
year: 2018
country: Portugal
GENre: drama
film run: 136 MINUTEs

Story line: His home is war. Her home is Portugal. Yet the young, newly married wife of Lord von Ketten is determined to make her husband's family abode, an inhospitable castle on a cliff in northern Italy, into her home.

“There is something amazingly unworldly in this film: it is a challenge, certainly, and needs an investment of attention, but there is a gorgeous refinement and intelligence to it.” - Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

Her Socialist Smile

directed by: John Gianvito
year: 2020
country: USA
GENre: documentary
film run: 93 MINUTEs

Story line: Author, activist, lecturer, and crusader for those with disabilities, the extraordinary Helen Keller was unable to see or hear, yet through hard work became highly accomplished and famously outspoken. Her autobiography The Story of My Life and its dramatic adaptation The Miracle Worker made Keller's name a household word. John Gianvito's new film Her Socialist Smile is a spare, pure, and beautifully composed account of her political life as a supporter of progressive causes. Incorporating footage of her home life, her surroundings, and her teacher Anne Sullivan, the film's focal point shifts to Keller's own words-her many speeches-as she ardently advocates on behalf of the causes in which she so firmly believed.

„Her Socialist Smile is a work of exceptional aesthetic beauty, all vivid landscapes, elegant typographies, and lovingly filmed objects and interiors.” - Jordan Cronk, Cinema Scope


directed by: Matías Piñeiro
Year: 2020
country: Argentina
GENre: drama
film run: 80 MINUTEs

Story line: Mariel wants to play Isabella in Shakespeare's "Measure for Measure". Luciana, who is also an actress, helps her rehearse the part. But during the audition, Mariel realizes that Luciana is trying out for the same role.

„In a potent meditation on perspective, Piñeiro creates a gorgeous atmosphere as the actors get lost in their roles, and in one another, beckoning us into the beautiful purple haze with them.” - Katie Duggan, Film Daze

Location: Amfiteatrul Palas