Atelier Hamza

We are Atelier Hamza, a Romanian clothing brand founded in 2019.
We are inspired by simple things and the little subtleties that can be found at the crossroads of elegance and comfort.
We started from a couple of quotes that people seem to ignore in their everyday lives: “Calm your mind”, “Most people cannot handle freedom” and “Embrace the pain”. We have chosen these quotes to “tattoo” on our clothes by means of embroidery, converting every item in a means of self-expression.
The minimalist design allows every person to express their feelings and thoughts so that their personality may be revealed without being overwhelmed by the clothes worn.
The embroidery highlights our innermost details; it is like a manifesto that yearns to be discovered.
Our main aim is to provide the best fabrics available, to use innovative ideas and techniques both in the manufacturing process and the embroidery one.
The appearance of our clothes is refined and compliments every figure. Therefore, our clients can count on top overall quality when they buy our products.