Wanderer - Mădălina Mihailovici

“Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.”
Bruce Lee
Wanderer is an underground minimal clothing brand inspired by techno music, contemporay dance, freedom of movement, good vibes of humble people, non-attatchment to material things, gratitude, balance and flow.
Created by a product designer from Transylvania who could not find clothes adapted to her lifestyle and needs: not very sporty but always moving, dancing in the studio and riding the bike to work, not having time to dress up for events because working too much, and always open for unplanned adventures in nature. Madalina Mihailovici, a wanderer herself, studied product design, interiors and graphic design at the University of Art and Design in Cluj. She is self-thaught in the field of making clothing, doesn’t come from the fashion field, started Wanderer as an experiment in 2018 to see if she can learn a new area realted to design by herself. A wonderful journey begun, and she is constantly learning by herself.
The brand is based on the product design principles like “form follows function”, “less is more”, and the tree main functions of objects: functionality, estetics, simbolism.
The fuctionality is based on ergonomics, comfort, freedom of movement, the estetics is clean, not pretentious, a little worn out, gender-neutral, monochrome, in harmony with the human body and the environment; the simbolism is the wanderer, the nomad, the person non-attatched to material things, always adaptable to the uncertain future.
The brand is based on these principles:
1. Minimalism - using less clothes, all seasons, simplified technological process
2. Versatility and adaptability - easy to match, time saving, using the same clothes for work, going to parties, practicing sports, going for walks in nature, staying at home, sleep.
3. Layering - 2 or 3 sets of 4-5 layers from think to thick should cover the whole wardrobe for all seasons.
4. Freedom of movement - clothes should not be felt heavy on the body and allow oneself to work, dance, move even if more layers are worn, and should allow oneself to be ready to go anywhere anytime unplanned.
5. Upcycling - materials of good value are reclaimed and turned into durable clothing items(organic romanian hand-woven traditional hemp)
6. Sustenability - clothes are unisex, one size, timeless, sharable, not pretentious and look good when worn out, last longer.