Sandra Chira

Sandra Chira exposes a new vision of the role of clothing in the process of expressing the individual identity. Clothes are not only the expression of global trends that determine manipulation of the masses by depersonalization. They become the expression of personality and a main mean that communicates the individual aspect of one’s identity. Sandra Chira reconfirms the value of image authenticity in a globally unstable context marked by uniformity.

The era of consumerism generates identity losses, neutralizes and erases personalities. We choose similar packages, loaded with impersonal social symbols, controlled by pressures and unstable criteria. Visual identity becomes the expression of collective trends, of an improper rhythm of honest communication, in a fake balance between the need of individualization and the need of belonging.
As a graduate of fashion design college and masters at Faculty of Arts and Design in Timișoara, with a scholarship in Paris and doctor in visual arts since 2016, Sandra Chira debuted during her studies in 2011.

Her brand’s image speculates elements of local identity, with timeless value, which respond to the consumer’s need for personalization and social individualization. Against excessive consumerism, Sandra Chira’s collections support the Slow Fashion phylosophy, restoring a stable connection between image and its immaterial content.

The defining aesthetic coordinates of the brand are contemporary textile structures and fabric associations, socio-cultural messages encoded in formal visions, manufactured details. The designer pursues the poetry of materiality relations by making her own textile or unconventional structures, prints or hand-woven fabrics.