i.f. powered by irina schrotter

‘if powered by’ is a project made within the Institutional Partnership initiated by Irina Schrotter and Lucian Broscățean, in 2017, with the Fashion Design Department of the University of Art and Design from Cluj-Napoca.
In the past four years, paid internships have been made with different classes of MA Students, as well as study trips to the factories of the brand, in Iași. Each semester, this type of interaction with the industry, gives a valuable know-how to the MA Students. During 4 seasons, a big project was developed together with strategic partners from Hong-Kong and Shanghai.

The MA students, coordinated by Associate Professor PhD Lucian Broscatean, will be each presenting three outfits, made with the technical support of Irina Schrotter’s Atelier.
The thematic and morphologic diversity, an investigation of relevant themes for fashion at the beginning of the 21st century, deconstructions and reconstructions of classic shapes and/or patterns from the History of Costume are elements which define the capsule collections that will be presented at the Romanian Creative Week