We are living a time when Fashion had to ask itself some questions that it had been avoiding until recently, starting with the simplest ones such as: what is the role of Fashion in 2021? What is the story it is still trying to tell and what do consumers want to hear? Is emotion more important than brand name?

These are fundamental questions for an industry that is striving to find its place on our map again; and, according to the answers received, to evolve in the right direction. At the moment, Fashion is put on hold, suspended between two worlds. Something utterly fascinating has happened: now, fashion is equally past, present and future. It acquires value only while you are reading these lines. It has become a reflection of the way in which the pandemics altered how we relate not only to fashion but also to ourselves.

The “Right Here, Right Now” exhibition captures precisely this historic moment in the Romanian Fashion industry. It tells us about the way we are, what we love and how we would like to look right now. It is more related to an accepted immediate reality than to an apparently perfect past and an uncertain future. It is a revisiting of several creative minds which allows us to eventually find the correct answers to the questions above.