19h00 - 20h30


Dragoș Pătraru, journalist and host of the infotainment show State of the Nation, as well as of the column "State of Health"

Emanuela Mercore, doctor, founder of the Romanian Society of Lifestyle Medicine - a medical professional organization that offers quality education to those dedicated to the practice of Lifestyle Medicine as a foundation of a transformed and sustainable health system

Marius Mitrache, vegan athlete, multiple national bodybuilding champion

Tania Bordianu, co-founder of Unison, an expert in vegan nutrition

PANEL ”World Environment Day”

19h00 - 20h30

In addition to the culinary and social component of the event, VegFest also has a strong ecological component, plant based foods having a carbon footprint of 10 to 50 times lower than animal origin food.

About the role that food plays in the transition to a society governed by ethical and ecologically sustainable principles, but also about other important elements related to sustainable development, we will discuss on the second day of the festival, which it's also World Environment Day.

The panel will be attended by representatives from: Mai bine ONG, Agent Green, Embassy of Sustainability in Romania, Food Bank, The Energy Cooperative, The Climate Collage