The Freudenberg Contest at Romanian Creative Week

Innovative Future Platform

One of the partners and sponsors of the event, who is supporting Romanian designers, is Freudenberg.

“Freudenberg Performance Materials is an important global supplier of innovative technical textile fabrics for a large area of markets and applications, such as clothing, automobiles, construction materials, energy, filter devices, medical assistance, interiors for construction, apparel and leather goods, and other specialities.” (translated fragment of text from the presentation on the website

The Freudenberg team, together with RCW’s organisers are launching a contest for the curated designers in the Innovative Future Platform category, a continuation of the project started at the 2010 edition of Romanian Fashion Week.

The brief:

  • Each designer from IF Platform, who chooses to participate, will receive two packages with technological insertions: one meant to help them in constructing the catwalk collection and the other one from which they are meant to create an innovative outfit. The package for the contest will be marked.
  • It is important to use as many fabrics as possible from the marked package.
  • The outfit does not have to be related to each designer’s calwalk collection.
  • The outfit can be composed of two or more items.
  • The outfit can be for: womenswear, menswear, unisex or gender-bending.
  • Different systems of enclosure or accessories can be used.
  • The use of other fabrics is to be avoided, the idea being that of creating something innovative with the received technological insertions.

The most innovative outfits will be awarded!

Three Awards will be given: a 1000 Euro + an year supply of technological insertions – the winning outfit will be chosen by a professional jury.

The Public’s Award, who will vote online, and will be - an year supply of technological insertions.

The third prize is granted by Tiger of Sweden Romania, the manufacturing company of the Swedish brand Tiger of Sweden AB. The prize consists of a 3- to 6-month internship in the Romanian company during which the winner will understand and experiment the necessary steps in the development of an international fashion brand line.

The winner will also be awarded a trip to the Stockholm head office of the company, all travel and accommodation expenses being covered by the organisers.

Tiger of Sweden is Stockholm-based fashion house founded in 1903, whose collections are sold both online and in over 1,200 shops worldwide. In Romania the company has been operating since 2004.