Bahlui vision

Section curated by: SHARE Architects Platform

Organised by ASAI (Association of Architecture Students of Iasi) and ProEvent along with other student organisations

1. The creators’ tram
This is a two-day art event in two stages that takes place inside the Arts’ Tram, a personalised vehicle painted during the cultural project “Iași – City of Painted Trams”. The first stage implies the setting up of a dynamic drawing workshop. For two hours, 10 young artists from Iași will draw sketches of the glimpses caught through the windows during a tram ride throughout the city. The Arts’ Tram will travel on the main streets of Iași for two hours, equally promoting the festival. The second stage implies mounting a static exhibition inside the tram with the art works created during the workshop. The tram may stand at the Târgu Cucu roundabout for several hours, becoming an unconventional art gallery.
Event organisers: Tramclub Iași Association along with Iași Public Transport Company and George Enescu National University of Arts, Iași

2. “Great Monthly Challenge” Drawing and Architecture Exhibition
Outdoor exhibition of digital artwork of the people of the Faculty of Architecture in Iași (FAI), i.e., students, teaching staff, alumni and more, created during the monthly competition “Great Monthly Challenge”. The works explore various concepts and themes through architectural collage, drawing or photography, promoting the inner life of the FAI academia materialised into a graphic manifesto.
Event organisers: Assistant Lecturer Arch. Tiberiu Teodor-Stanciu, PhD, Assistant Lecturer Arch. Ramona Costea, PhD

3. Artypical Mural Art
Four 8 sq. meter-murals will “float” down each of the four piers of the Trancu bridge onto the concrete Bahlui river banks.

4. A meter-wide urban park on the Bahlui river embankment
We intend to highlight the Bahlui river’s transformative potential of becoming an urban park. The proposal intends to become a self-sustaining system with a natural low-maintenance design. The landscape design focuses on creating areas of shade by planting trees and shrubs (weeping willows, Tamarix, Wisteria, Eunymus, Japanese cherry blossom trees). This will influence positively the microclimate generated by high traffic in the area and will also embellish the concrete banks and the area under the bridge through greenery.
In connection to the proposal for the ASAI pavilion, a secondary theme is sense stimulation by planting aromatic herbs and visually-interactive flowers and by creating acoustic effects by partially blocking an area of the Bahlui river with decorative stones to hear water flowing.
Event organisers: The Landscape Architecture Student Association in Iași, ASAI

5. Toy boat making workshop
A guided workshop for building toy boats from recycled materials, designed for children of all ages. It will take place on the Bahlui river embankment with the possibility of setting the boats afloat if a net is provided to collect them afterwards. Apart from the hands-on experience of building a toy boat we will explain the principles of floating objects.
Event organisers: Experimentis Association, ASAI

6. River utopias, an illustrations competition
Two photographs of the Bahlui river taken from the Trancu Footbridge will serve as background for drawings/illustrations/collages of utopian visions of the river, its banks and surroundings. Two wooden/metal poles with an open frame on top will be placed in the exact spots where the photographs were taken, so that the illustration “slides” were displayed one by one. The slides will be created during an internal contest within the Faculty of Architecture.
Event organisers: ASAI

7. Walk and Talk with an Architect
Five volunteering architects or architecture students will hold a “Let’s talk architecture!” sign and will invite passers-by to accompany them on a stroll along the Bahlui river banks and have a conversation about architecture.
Event organisers: Civic and DeArhitectura Associations

8. The ASAI Pavilion, Through somebody else’s eyes
It will be an interactive installation on the topic of the present pandemics and the shifts it has brought in the way we relate. Consequently, it will suggest means through which architecture and space planning may foster alternative ways of interaction.
Event organisers: ASAI

Location: Splai Bahlui mal stâng (Podu Roș - Iulius Mall)