Codrina Apostol

A political analyst by training and a marketer, today I am wearing the hat of a digital creator. I like to think that humans are the best books. So am I and my story is captivating so I have been sharing it with my loved ones: my family, my friends and my cherished online community! I write passionately each page of my life on my Instagram account.

Digital content creator, makeup artist, entrepreneur and mother among my many hats, I always have at hand some one-way tickets to success destinations. The meaning of the word failure is unknown to me and reinventing myself has become a way of life and no longer a challenge. Any fears that I might have are shattered by my strong urge to do unusual things.

I respect my community and I choose to cooperate solely with brands that I could identify with and recently I have launched a new project, Muliebrity & Negura.